i keep my windows open

 I graduated on Sunday, which was a relief and also kind of sad. I was not planning on missing my peers, but of course as time goes by I'm panicking more and more when I think about saying goodbye to them. But it's okay, I still have a few weeks before I go off to France for all of July (yes, that's really happening) (how did this become my life).

this summer has started out kind of dreamy, and i hope i'll be posting a lot more often~~~~~~♡


dis dat what we do don't tell ur mom shiiiii

Senior prom is a biggie, right? I've gone to 2 proms before this (who knows why) and so I thought i would try it out as a last hurrah of being in high school. 

Thought you would like to see the outfit tho! It was probably my best (and last!) prom outfit to date. The shirt was made by Clothilde (with whom I'm going to romp around in Corsica this summer, muhahaha) and the rest is just random stuff. 

(The p in pizza stands for power)

Close up of my shitty makeup and an appropriate caption for my feelings about the night in general (and adolescence in general!! heyyyy)

My date, the hottest gay jewish boy in town. I'm so lucky :'-)

My other beautiful friend who went in a group with us! We were on top of a parking garage for these. 

Anyways, I graduate in approximately 12 days and needless to say I am excited. You would think it would be bittersweet but I'm not feeling the bitter part yet, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. 


silence speaks for me

Eternally trying to mix sporty & girly clothes, with some minor success. Red shirt is thrifted, white thing is Hollister, Adidas sporty pants thing, Nike Air shoes whatever (eek i'm mixing brands !!!!!)

This spring is the most unstressful in the world, considering I am already accepted into The College and thus don't have to do any work. Thus, outfit post.

And yesterday I took so pics with my friend so I'll just put some of my faves on here for the hell of it.


them you us + eleven thank the heavens

hello! yes it is spring but no, my life is not all great, thank you for asking @zayn malik @god. excuse me while i cry many tears bc of course JUST A FEW MONTHS (like a month? idk) AFTER I POST ABOUT HARRY STYLES/1D, OF C O U R S E, ZAYN LEAVES AND I AM SO WORRIED ABOUT HIM AND THEM AND UGH

goddamnit the worst thing about being a teen in this stupid crazy generation is that you CARE for people you've never even MET and it's even worse because we can just look at fucking GIFSETS of their gorgeous FACES on the INTERNET and FEEL MORE EMOTIONS.

anyways moving past the fact that i & everyone in their right mind is in mourning...... hello! I have 3, yes, 3 outfits today. I've been purchasing a lot of new clothes from thrift stores because i need to over prepare for college, and everything, apparently. my anxiety for the future has manifested into planning my "college aesthetic" about 4 months in advance, complete with moodboards and a checklist. yes, i'm crazy. totally nuts. but anyways, let's get to the clooooothes

First one! Fake glasses from urban (DONT GIVE ME SHIT OKAY I KNOW I DONT WEAR GLASSES BUT THEY LOOK SUPER GREAT) and skirt from topshop and hat from urban as well and shoes are from france and socks are idk target i wear the damn things all the time

onto the second one then

Oh look, same dress + socks but a DIFFERENT LOOK. I am interesting and UNPREDICTABLE. everything i already talked about plus other stuff i thrifted plus Miu Mius, who deserve to be capitalized because they're so beyooootiful

werk slayyyyy

My personal fave! (.........maybe I should've just posted this one the other ones are kinda shitty.) Dress is actually a big shirt and from salvation army, clogs also thrifted, blah blah.

oooooooh dayum so much SASS gurl

and i made this playlist thinking about harry styles and 1D and all that shit:


:))))) hello

of course in the traditional style of midwestern weather, it was about 20º last week, but today its 50 DEGREES and WARM-ISH which is practically UNHEARD OF. This winter has been loooong and crazy cold. But now, SPRING AND FLOWERS AND BEING OUTSIDE

okok I know this outfit is way more summer but idk, when i get started i have a *vision* in my mind but this one kinda strayed from where I wanted to go... oh well, I wanted another opportunity to style these Tevas. They are super awkward and perfect, if you're wondering.

all about those deetz. My trusty fruit shorteralls are thrifted (probably my favorite thrifted item ever-- they CAME with those fruit on them. Sigh. so perfect) and the sports bra is something, idk, just look up a bright pink sports bra on google ya lazy shit! Also all the jewelry is from childhood, and the sandals are Teva and the socks are from Target? And the "purse" is just a plastic bag I got from an Indian boutique in Chicago i think. if you read this blog all the time (which boggles my mind) you have seen all of these items already. Boooooring.

Werk meagan WERK

My spring break starts on Friday so I will probably be posting and driving you all caraaaazy next week! I have nothing to do except work on a history assignment. Also boooooring)


hey spring

(please start now)


FOR THE LOVE OF HARRY STYLES, & just having celebrity crushes as a teen girl in general

Hello! I like Harry Styles. I think about him a lot and have never really met him. Isn't that funny?
The best part about this post is that you can insert whatever unrequited crush’s name you want, and I think it would still work. Whatever age you might be, whatever gender you may or may not conform to, I believe everyone has had this.
So, on to the "real" stuff~~~~

This boy. I swear, this boy.
He’s such a fun thing to think about. It’s all fun make-believe. He isn’t real, he’s made of soft pink and purple clouds, and flowers and sugar. He smells sweet probably and has soft sweet hair. He is a vision. I love this vision that I’ve made. I think I’ve taken all the love that’s left in my mind and created him from it. He is such a dream. All the pictures of him are sparkling clear, of him smiling or laughing or taking a jaunty pose. I kind of wish I could thank him for making himself so easy to romanticize. His voice is nice and deep and he’s “clever” or “sexy” or “funny” or “intellectual”, name it, that’s what he is. He’s anything I want him to be and I love it. I will never meet him, most probably, unless I get famous, which is doubtful. Even if I did I doubt the real Harry could stand against my beautiful golden dream of a boy. I am thankful for this vision, this magical Harry Styles. I really love this figment of my imagination a lot, and I think about him walking into my work and us singing a Billie Holiday song (because we’re so *classic* in that way) and walking down streets and smiling and he makes me feel like my heart is covered in warm honey (but no the sticky kind, just something warm and sweet and gold). I have a whole plan for this fake boy and I. I get jealous that he’s hanging out with his ex girlfriends because I mix up the fake boy from the real one, which can be problematic. I need to stop looking for my golden vision in his twitter and his instagram. I should just think about it more and maybe sing “Blue Moon” and hope this magic dream comes and makes everything seem sugar-spun, too.

Look, here’s my mister daydream playing the guitar barefoot, at some normal-looking back deck. I was there, probably. It was probably a garden party with his friends and family, all charming with strung-up lights, and I went along, but we ended up in a corner together singing or just looking at each other.
See? Isn’t that fun? Gosh, I could do it all day.
He probably likes books too. He probably likes Beyoncé and isn’t jealous, and he laughs a lot and doesn’t cheat. He probably has sparkly eyes. He probably cares about important things and thinks everyone’s beautiful.

((After spending so much time in dreamland how am I supposed to like real human beings? Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever face reality or just continue living in my head with this golden-hatted, high-bouncing lover I’ve created.))

I ever meet the real human version of this dream boy, this Harry Edward Styles, you bet your ass I’ll hold both of his arms and look into his eyes and call him “darling”. I think people should be congratulated just for existing, even if they are used as a daydream in your head. I will hold his hand and say, “Hello, my darling, it’s so wonderful to meet you” and thank the real person that he is, even if the real person isn’t the person I have in my head, and even if this real person is an asshole and doesn't deserve it. Because of course I would love to do that. (I imagine he is probably impressed and shocked in a good way with my amazing warmth, and I imagine he is probably happy too, and probably thinks I’m too beautiful to even describe. I imagine he is probably.)