An Open Letter To Zayn Malik, "Beautiful King"

Dear Zayn Malik,

Hello. I just wanted I just wanted to write you something because I read your interview from Fader last night, and was promptly inspired to do about 500,000,000 things, for example, write an album and paint something and write a novel and analyze shit. I know you don’t purposely try to be inspiring or want to be, necessarily, but somehow that makes you more inspiring. (Sounds paradoxical, I know.)
I am definitely a fan of One Direction. I love them a lot. So honestly it was really nice to see you respectfully say “Good for them, not for me.” This is something I really try to do, and fail miserably. Being judgy is an easy thing to fall into. But of course they’re your friends, and you were with them for 5 years, and it’s nice to not throw them under a bus with a quick, snide remark about how “fake” they are, or whatever. It's also nice to not throw your avid fans under the bus, choosing passionate as their main identifier, instead of crazy. I don’t know, it’s just so refreshing to see someone come out of this insane music factory and still be respectful and not a total asshole.

Another refreshing thing: your emphasis on authenticity. As a fan of One Direction I know that it is not necessarily the most independent thing, creatively, to be part of that band. (Once again: “Good for them, not for me.”) It’s just so awesome that you are making your album and your music yourself, in crazy places like the woods or random hotels. I get it, obviously. After 5 years of carefully orchestrated studio music written by some random old dudes, I can imagine what a relief it is to be on your own, writing and performing YOUR music. This sort of authenticity, although not necessarily always the best route to go, is still a very cool thing to find in music and other art. It’s always inspiring to see people making art just for the sake of making it; and since you are someone who has never been able to do that, and someone who has come from the opposite end of the artistic spectrum, you make a bigger impact on me. It's very brave to leave such a lucrative job and go on to pursue your own creative interests. It also reminds me why I want to do things and make things: for myself, and not for anyone else.

I do feel sort of bad, however, for really buying into this whole idea of you being the “mysterious bad boy” when you were in the band. Of course, that isn’t necessarily my fault. That is all I’ve ever seen of you, and that’s the image that was fabricated, I’m guessing, by some well-meaning manager trying to sell more albums. Similarly I am sorry for only seeing your former bandmates in their carefully constructed molds. Once again, I know I am not at fault here, but it’s SO important to not turn celebrities into caricatures. I’m sorry that they are turned into these things that they are not, in real life, and it must be terrible pressure to maintain that fake persona. No one wants to pretend that they’re something they’re not. And I don’t know, I would feel really bad if all of these people were in love with the fake me. (Of course there’s something to be said about happy teen girl fantasies and how they can help, but always keeping in mind that they’re fantasies is key. Confusing fantasy with real life is not the best thing to do.)

Anyways, I wanted to share this pointless information that you will never read just in case I die or you die or some shit like that. I’m looking forward to your album release, and if I casually run into you on the street someday, I’ll buy you a coffee. I love you a lot, and even though I won't even pretend like I know the "real you", I appreciate your existence anyway, and want to say thank you. Thank you.


"october is the month for painted leaves. their rich glow now flashes round the world."

A quick fall collage for my dear readers, inspired partly by the fact that I'm rewatching Twin Peaks (god bless) and the colors of the leaves. 

One of the main things that spawned this fancy **AESTHETIC** (which I can never say without a tinge of sarcasm because its honestly so pretentious) is the Gucci campaign for Fall/Winter 2015. Why am I even talking about this line when fashion month just happened and I should be talking about the new SS16 things??? Because I don't want to think about spring because it's too far away and I like this campaign/line okay so just bear with me. 

If you haven't noticed in the years reading this blog, I usually could give less than 0 fucks about Gucci. It always seemed that classic in-your-face sexual which ~could~ be considered shallow or demeaning to women. We know that this isn't always the case. But I guess I was thinking of the Tom Ford Gucci which I consider as "genuinely frightening": the best example would be this picture. Once again, I'm sure there is some fancy deep intellectual concept behind the Super Sexy Gucci of the past, and it's not necessarily disgusting objectification mixed with shame-motivated consumerism. I'm young and naïve! I don't know Tom Ford's brain. (Thankfully.) 

Getting to the point, however, the new Gucci that's headed by Alessandro Michele is right up my alley-- which was sort of the whole idea behind it. FW15 was inspired by the inside of a subway tunnel, which by my standards is a #nice #concept!! and it's definitely not the Gucci of the past. "Contemporary fashion is something that can happen on the street." I agree Alessandro, I agree. This idea is hella emphasized in the video campaign for FW15, and also the Cruise 16 video.

Public transportation!! City streets!! Hair getting blown by passing trains!! Someone should enlist me to do these videos because honestly blowing hair in the wind is my shit.

I just really love the very obvious "street style" in this one-- the models actually walk from the street straight into the runway. (The jungle noises are a casual Alicia Keys reference, obviously. No analyzing necessary for that one ha ha ha)

I feel like this was a pretty smart way to youth-anize (not euthanize, thank you) the Gucci brand. Street style is a very millennial thing, I think, with our constant camera phones and tweets and all that malarkey. Street style is such an easy way to be noticed, to make an impression, and also just to achieve that casually cool "I just walked out of my apartment and threw this together" look that's always so sought after. And not only going off the this causally quirky style, the fact that Alessandro uses androgynous models and dressing the men in loose, traditionally "feminine" silhouettes is a very youth-aimed strategy. He's definitely honing in on what the youth are interested in, like the ever-present the new trans rights movement. Acne is also boarding this gender-bending train, and Marc Jacobs has definitely done it in the past but I can't remember when precisely.

Of course, social issues go in and out of fashion-- both "clothes" fashion and "culture" fashion-- just like kangaroo hair loafers do. (If any of you readers are wealthy and want to send me a pair of those, much obliged. I love this new trend of hairy shoes it's so weird and impractical and fun.) Is this just Gucci's new ploy to appeal to the "woke" crowd and suck more money out of us poor, victimized social justice warriors? Eh, probs. Let's not forget that hot moment when Chanel decided to be all weirdly feminist for like 2 seconds because it was the cool, hip thing to do. Or, possibly because Karl Lagerfeld is deeply inspired and moved by feminism, and he wanted to support it by putting it in his show?? The world shall never know.

Anyways, here was my take on it, using my iPhone and making my friends take pictures of me outside of my dorm. Very sophisticated stuff.

Dress is vintage, belt is Fossil, shoes are thrifted, coat is thrifted, sweater is Madewell.

Bonus pic of my huge head for the sloppy makeup deetz, looking like a sleep-deprived zombie. Rightfully so.

Bonus bonus of Laura Marling covering a fantastic Dolly Parton song THAT I WAS THERE FOR I SAW THIS LIVE IN CHICAGO you can probably hear me screeching at some points in the video because I could not/still cannot handle it.


blame (blaaame)

I've been reduced to sneaky mirror selfies when no one is around so I don't embarrass myself. What a sad life I lead.

This was a scary day when I was 100000% art heaux. Shirt is mixsmix, skirt is Zara, and then idk some nikes I guess. (wristlet is from targé)

Honestly obsessed with this raincoat even tho I feel like a small worm in it. Coat from Zara (do you see a trend), dress is thrifted and doesn't actually fit correctly so I cover it with the coat, shoes are Born.

Oops more Zara! Sponsored by Zara! Buy more Zara!!!!! (not actually sponsored but damn I wish I would like some money pls)
Shirt is aerie, pants are Zara, Birks and everything else is boring.........


I wore this yesterday! Or two days ago. It's cold as balls suddenly and I'm very upset about it, even tho being cold as balls means I can mostly just layer flannels on myself, still. I miss summer sooooOOOOooOOOoOOo much. Flannel is from Plato's Closet, skirt is Free People, coat is Topshop, and Birks blah. (Soy latte from Starbucks because I'm that asshole.)

Gonna go curl up under some blankets and pretend it's June !!!!!!


are we still good?

Hello! I am a College Girl now, as you can tell by the pics of my dorm room that welcomed you into this post. I've been here for about 2 weeks, so I think it's a lil too early to say if it's **amazing** or not. but it's fun not to be in high school! high school is terrible and i encourage everyone who is in it to keep going and get it done.

Anyways, it's real real hot here so i haven't been dressing up as much as i could. i also don't have a tripod and im not gonna be that bitch to ask my roommate to take pictures of me in good light?? so here are some mirror selfies of my outfits before class (and keep in mind i almost immediately changed out of them into something cooler bc i am made of sweat bc it's too DAMN HOT)

First one- hat from Urban, shoes from France, bag from Zara (also France) and everything else is vintage/thrifted.

Sweater is vintage Polo Ralph Lauren, leggings are thrifted, and the shoes are thrifted (the backpack is a Kanken 15-inch)

Lookin like a French schoolboy in this one.... everything is thrifted except the Kanken 

This dress is too amazing. Thrifted dress, Nike Airwaves, Fossil purse.

(Listening to Drake on repeat while getting 2 hours of sleep is making everything feel really weird)


honestly franchement

i was just in france for a month, which is why i was gone! yo, it was great. i had a swell time and i bought a ton of clothes, which is probably bad before college???? who knows. anyways i have 2 outfits for yall today, to make up for the amount of time i was gone!!!

first is inspired by crazy awesome japanese street style which always inspires me and funky early 2000's shit and also prada spring/summer 2010 which i will honestly never get over. (i'm wearing the glasses from that season just to prove my devotion)

top is thrifted scrubs (it says "katherine heigl collection" on the tag which makes me think she made scrubs after her success on grays anatomy ???) and the bottoms are vintage lily pulitzer, glasses are prada, sandals are tevas, bag is thrifted.

the second outfit is just me feelin' the summer vibez, man.

top is thrifted, bottom is thrifted soffe shorts, socks are from american apparel, and the shoes are nikes.

i expect to be posting more soon with all my delish new french clothes :-) :-) :-) :-)


i keep my windows open

 I graduated on Sunday, which was a relief and also kind of sad. I was not planning on missing my peers, but of course as time goes by I'm panicking more and more when I think about saying goodbye to them. But it's okay, I still have a few weeks before I go off to France for all of July (yes, that's really happening) (how did this become my life).

this summer has started out kind of dreamy, and i hope i'll be posting a lot more often~~~~~~♡