for those days when ur brain is pounding the inside of ur skull saying "BE BETTER"

fall feelings and an emo thing i wrote this morning while hungover.

(and a playlist / collage I made to fit the mood, damn I wish I had that exact outfit:)


gigi hadid who????

Big confession time: I am hotter and more fashionable than Gigi Hadid.

Ok maybe that is, as some might say, ""false"". But maybe I should still get credit for my clothing skillZ. Validate me!!

This jacket thingy is cute and also vintage and also makes me feel very mod. I got it from a local vintage store last week when I was feeling particularly bored of my style, which currently resembles a Hipster Teen from a predictable romcom about the purity of first love. So I got this to force myself to be less boring!

Jacket is vintage, shirt is just a mens shirt I stole from my dad (lol sorry dad), sunglasses are Prada SS10, purse is vintage, shoes are from Minelli in France.

I am a Big Darn Fan of this purse. It fulfills all my dreams of being a grandma.

Now, enjoy this song by pretty Korean men whose faces looks like they've been polished by furniture polish.


my dude, my man

I've been blogging for 4? 5? years but have not yet achieved the level of "FAMOUS BLOGGER" that I so desperately crave in my suburban, mundane life!! Anna Wintour hasn't EVER INVITED ME TO PARIS FASHION WEEK. WTF. This bitch doesn't understand what kind of creative genius I own!!!

But seriously, I miss Paris hella. I know I talk about it approx. 489572852984092 times a day, but man. Je veux retourner chez moi, et c'est pas Paris mais c'est la France en générale. (That was probably all wrong. i dont give a fuck.) 

Ok Ok but if I was going to Paris fashion week, i would be a lil cheesy right? I would sorta be that very fun stereotypical ""French"" fashion but also cooler and more interesting than just Louboutins and black skinny jeans, ya dig? So this is what i would wear if i was invited tomorrow to Paris fashion week, which is over, I know, don't shit on me. Mostly I just like wearing sheer things and unexpected things with those sheer things. There, I just described my whole aesthetic.

Sheer nightgown is vintage, jeans are vintage Tommy Hilfiger, Everything Else Is Vintage except for the kitten heels which I got on Amazon.

I've missed dressing funky. I never dress funky anymore. Is this what happens when I turn into an ADULT?? Fuck this shit dude. I'm outta here. 

Anyways, if anyone sees Scott Schuman, tell him I'm waiting to be photographed. (That was literally my goal when I was about 14, and now that's just so weird to me.)


honey, honey

it's summer, which means i'm annoying and obsessed with having flowers in my hair and making cakes and eating fruit and reading pretty poetic things. as you do.

in honor of the summer solstice, which was last week, I took pics in a garden with a real flower crown i ordered from my supermarket's florist. i also wore some thrifted flouncy cream-colored things. you're welcome, summer gods.


big sun little boat

(film pics from this summer so far--been very nice indeed)


i love me enough for the both of us!

it's spring! sort of! i know i never post during the school year and only during breaks. but i don't have time during the school days, also i have no one to take pictures of my clothes without embarrassing myself, so here we are.

made a moodboard because i just got a tumblr (AGAIN) and this is basically what my ~*tumblr aesthetic*~ is, and shall always be. currently i want to look like a chloé girl. i got the perfume for myself on my birthday and i love how feminine and sweet it is, and i've always loved chloé, just because its very simple and their clothes go with everything but it's still very elegant and well-made. i don't actually own anything made by chloé, but this is what i believe of it. also their perfume campaign is all I've ever wanted to be in my life, which is like, a very fancy tease who smells nice. c'est trop française, hein? dear CEO of chloé: make me your new chloé girl! merci, bizzz.

I'm still on that red thing from last fall, adding in some light blues and jane birkin and summer sandals. actually, i basically just want to be jane birkin. i'm taking these vitamins to make my hair grow all long and mermaid-ish.

Shirt from Goodwill, shorts are Mixxmix, socks are from Target and shoes are Børn.

Shirt from Salvation Army, skirt from Zara last summer, heels from Zbeibei, purse is vintage.

Coat is Topshop, shirt is J Crew, jeans are vintage Tommy Hilfiger, shoes are vintage Ann Taylor, and  the bag is also vintage.

Hat is from Urban, shirt is J Crew, dress is from Forever 21, shoes are Céline.



Break is coming to a close, and I have feelings! Instead of telling you exactly what they are I am going to express them indirectly in pictures and clothes. Blogging, man. 

Thought of this outfit earlier on break because i was trying to style these fantastic shoes every which way. I sort of ended up looking like a very modern 50's housewife/13 year old with a weirdly mature sense of style, aka Rowan Blanchard. Couldn't you see her in this outfit? I could, which makes me think its a good one. I love these shoes and I don't have a lot of **statement shoes**, which was the main reason I bought them. The color yellow sort of permeates all of these photos (because of my terrible lighting skills, maybe????) and I don't really wanna edit it out, because YELLOW SHOES. See what I did there. 

The shirt is vintage, the bag is vintage, the skirt I got this summer at Zara in France, and the shoes are also from France this summer! I basically went crazy in France this summer. No ragrets.
I haven't been able to wear out the skirt fo realz, but it's just great, very heavy and exactly what I wanted for a skirt-- I pretty much feel like I'm wearing a big canvas sheet, and it's fab. it was probably a super impulse buy since there is nothing more impractical than a huge white skirt, but eh.

I do like their color. Very nice, A+ yellow.

 Also my fondness for wearing clothes that look like carpets is very lol. This necklace was a Christmas present and I love it so.