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When I was in France I had a lot of cool experiences, but one of the coolest things I took away was the way foreigners view Americans and American culture (if it exists? pretend it does). What I saw, at least, was something like "bigger, faster, better, shinier, newer, younger, more expensive". That matches with what I originally thought, but it was a lot more obvious seeing it across the ocean. 

At about the same time I began to see this romanticized version of America (thank you, I didn't need more things to romanticize!), I also stumbled across luxury tumblrs. They reinforced this whole idea of America in a really in-your-face way-- I also got kind of interested in them because it's just so funny that there are teenagers on the internet reblogging pictures of skinny tan ladies wearing Gucci. If that's not a way to escape your own sad life and live in a fantasy, I don't know what is.

The whole image of this country is pretty messed up, all youth and money and iPhones, and obviously this image isn't even real. Once again, I will say the word **romanticized**. I don't sleep under an American flag, take my Mercedes to school and hang out with Selena Gomez. (She doesn't even seem that cool, anyway.) Our "culture" amusing at first, but gets kind of annoying.

When is it not annoying for me? Yep, this is where I bring in Lana Del Rey. I really like her music, but more importantly her aesthetic is SO. PRETTY. Her whole "American dream" thing is great. She dips our culture into instagram colors so I don't have to do it in my head! Her ideas of luxury are so over-the-top and old-fashioned that it's fashionable. She sleeps with old rich dudes, she wears 3-inch nails, she looks fab.

To celebrate her new album Ultraviolence, I have put together some photos. Some of these photos are from Kylie Jenner's instagram. Kylie is pretty much the definition of luxury, and her instagram is really shady and idyllic, which makes it so easy to romanticize her life. 


My take was like this, shot by my friend Ilan and styled by me. Look at them while listening to some of my favorites from the new album (West Coast, Brooklyn Baby, Shades Of Cool, Old Money, and Florida Kilos).


im a mess that don't rhyme with shit, it's just true

Some summer pics from my instagram now that it's, like, summer and all. I have no idea what to do with myself so I'm pretty much just re-watching all the 1st season of Brooklyn 99. It's just gorgeous outside and I can't stop staring out of the window to look at the sun and the leaves.

On the first day of summer (last thursday) I celebrated by making videos on said instagram of my beautiful friend romping around and being summery/pretending to be in an editorial or something. They're square and 15 seconds because they're. On. Instagram. If you haven't gotten that one yet.


je n'en connais pas la fin

It's not summer yet, but I keep pretending like it is.

Everything thrifted except the shoes which are Madewell.


tell me, are you with me?

Collaging. Some more boring than others.



flippy floppy

Needless to say, when prom comes around, I'm gonna be ready. And when I say "ready" I mean "hella cute" and "fab as fuck".

Thrifted shirt and necklace, Helmut Lang skirt, CĂ©line heels.

Magical eyes by me. I don't understand how I did it since I have no talents with makeup whatsoever.

Dat skirt doe