blame (blaaame)

I've been reduced to sneaky mirror selfies when no one is around so I don't embarrass myself. What a sad life I lead.

This was a scary day when I was 100000% art heaux. Shirt is mixsmix, skirt is Zara, and then idk some nikes I guess. (wristlet is from targé)

Honestly obsessed with this raincoat even tho I feel like a small worm in it. Coat from Zara (do you see a trend), dress is thrifted and doesn't actually fit correctly so I cover it with the coat, shoes are Born.

Oops more Zara! Sponsored by Zara! Buy more Zara!!!!! (not actually sponsored but damn I wish I would like some money pls)
Shirt is aerie, pants are Zara, Birks and everything else is boring.........


I wore this yesterday! Or two days ago. It's cold as balls suddenly and I'm very upset about it, even tho being cold as balls means I can mostly just layer flannels on myself, still. I miss summer sooooOOOOooOOOoOOo much. Flannel is from Plato's Closet, skirt is Free People, coat is Topshop, and Birks blah. (Soy latte from Starbucks because I'm that asshole.)

Gonna go curl up under some blankets and pretend it's June !!!!!!


are we still good?

Hello! I am a College Girl now, as you can tell by the pics of my dorm room that welcomed you into this post. I've been here for about 2 weeks, so I think it's a lil too early to say if it's **amazing** or not. but it's fun not to be in high school! high school is terrible and i encourage everyone who is in it to keep going and get it done.

Anyways, it's real real hot here so i haven't been dressing up as much as i could. i also don't have a tripod and im not gonna be that bitch to ask my roommate to take pictures of me in good light?? so here are some mirror selfies of my outfits before class (and keep in mind i almost immediately changed out of them into something cooler bc i am made of sweat bc it's too DAMN HOT)

First one- hat from Urban, shoes from France, bag from Zara (also France) and everything else is vintage/thrifted.

Sweater is vintage Polo Ralph Lauren, leggings are thrifted, and the shoes are thrifted (the backpack is a Kanken 15-inch)

Lookin like a French schoolboy in this one.... everything is thrifted except the Kanken 

This dress is too amazing. Thrifted dress, Nike Airwaves, Fossil purse.

(Listening to Drake on repeat while getting 2 hours of sleep is making everything feel really weird)


honestly franchement

i was just in france for a month, which is why i was gone! yo, it was great. i had a swell time and i bought a ton of clothes, which is probably bad before college???? who knows. anyways i have 2 outfits for yall today, to make up for the amount of time i was gone!!!

first is inspired by crazy awesome japanese street style which always inspires me and funky early 2000's shit and also prada spring/summer 2010 which i will honestly never get over. (i'm wearing the glasses from that season just to prove my devotion)

top is thrifted scrubs (it says "katherine heigl collection" on the tag which makes me think she made scrubs after her success on grays anatomy ???) and the bottoms are vintage lily pulitzer, glasses are prada, sandals are tevas, bag is thrifted.

the second outfit is just me feelin' the summer vibez, man.

top is thrifted, bottom is thrifted soffe shorts, socks are from american apparel, and the shoes are nikes.

i expect to be posting more soon with all my delish new french clothes :-) :-) :-) :-)


i keep my windows open

 I graduated on Sunday, which was a relief and also kind of sad. I was not planning on missing my peers, but of course as time goes by I'm panicking more and more when I think about saying goodbye to them. But it's okay, I still have a few weeks before I go off to France for all of July (yes, that's really happening) (how did this become my life).

this summer has started out kind of dreamy, and i hope i'll be posting a lot more often~~~~~~♡


dis dat what we do don't tell ur mom shiiiii

Senior prom is a biggie, right? I've gone to 2 proms before this (who knows why) and so I thought i would try it out as a last hurrah of being in high school. 

Thought you would like to see the outfit tho! It was probably my best (and last!) prom outfit to date. The shirt was made by Clothilde (with whom I'm going to romp around in Corsica this summer, muhahaha) and the rest is just random stuff. 

(The p in pizza stands for power)

Close up of my shitty makeup and an appropriate caption for my feelings about the night in general (and adolescence in general!! heyyyy)

My date, the hottest gay jewish boy in town. I'm so lucky :'-)

My other beautiful friend who went in a group with us! We were on top of a parking garage for these. 

Anyways, I graduate in approximately 12 days and needless to say I am excited. You would think it would be bittersweet but I'm not feeling the bitter part yet, I guess I'll just have to wait and see. 


silence speaks for me

Eternally trying to mix sporty & girly clothes, with some minor success. Red shirt is thrifted, white thing is Hollister, Adidas sporty pants thing, Nike Air shoes whatever (eek i'm mixing brands !!!!!)

This spring is the most unstressful in the world, considering I am already accepted into The College and thus don't have to do any work. Thus, outfit post.

And yesterday I took so pics with my friend so I'll just put some of my faves on here for the hell of it.