someone in love

It's my 5000000th snow day today. Woo. I love snow days so much. S a r c a s m

I really just want to take my history test okay HOW WILL ANYONE KNOW WHAT YEAR JAMES K. POLK WAS ELECTED I CAN'T LET PEOPLE LIVE IN THAT KIND OF IGNORANCE!!!!!!!1111!!!!1!!!!1!!!1!!11!!!!!

Winter is really starting to wear on me. I'm tired of being all clammy and sweaty and having to wash everything a million times because it smells like sweat because I wear everything about a millions times over because I never go outside I am a hermit you guys idk if you get that vibe from me but it's true.

That pic up there is what I'm actually wearing today- Eileen Fisher sweater that shrunk in the wash (thx mom), leggins, wool socks and slippers. It's super warm. Perf for curling up and not seeing anyone and meeting around with my other fellow hermits and such

This is what I would be wearing if I was around people today. Lol like that would ever happen #hermitlyfe4evr

2nd attempt at being lame. Tunic thang is Free People, leggins are J Crew, shoes are thrifted, bag is thrifted also.

hah this is the first outfit i've actually put effort into for a while isn't that sad bc it's pretty simple and boring and stuff anyways moving on ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


Ava said...

those shoes are a dream omg!!

Skye said...

I need those leopard print shoes in my life right now.

Maki Unicorn said...

i can understand rain, but snow.. i'll never be able to enjoy it, because snow means cold, and i hate being cold. it was +15C in Tokyo last week! and today everything is covered with snow, this is ridiculous (but also, not fun at all)!

joana said...

I really like your tunic :)