im a mess that don't rhyme with shit, it's just true

Some summer pics from my instagram now that it's, like, summer and all. I have no idea what to do with myself so I'm pretty much just re-watching all the 1st season of Brooklyn 99. It's just gorgeous outside and I can't stop staring out of the window to look at the sun and the leaves.

On the first day of summer (last thursday) I celebrated by making videos on said instagram of my beautiful friend romping around and being summery/pretending to be in an editorial or something. They're square and 15 seconds because they're. On. Instagram. If you haven't gotten that one yet.


sonja said...

So those insta videos are magical and beautiful and I love them so so much. And also those photos are gorgeous, and mildly virgin suicide-esque in colour and vibe. It's that hazy sort of summer thing, isn't it.

bianca lolita said...

lovely photos<3


Valentina said...

Love these pics, what's your instagram? the link won't open for me :/