they say the truth aint pretty but comin from that pretty mouth

hey, long time no post. hasn't it been all summer? hahahahah wow welp

part of the reason i was gone is prooooobably because i went to france again to visit my friends and family, whom i love and adore, and it was really magical. i visited clothilde (who i don't think has a blog anymore? but she has a tumblr so that works) and we walked around paris and it was amazing. then i went to lorraine and lived with my family, which was also just a breath of fresh air (freNCH air? HAHAHA). if you wanna see a pretty intense photo diary, i suggest looking at my instagram.

anyways, I've been doing that and also emotionally recovering from that (lots of TAKE ME BACKs and I JUST WANT TO STAY THEREs). I've also got a job, and I've been procrastinating on summer reading, and of course I've watched every season of teen wolf which i do not recommend to ANYONE. (if anyone's wondering, stydia is life, and lydia is the queen of the world, and malia can go fucking away. also dylan is my one tru luv.)

but I bought some things in france!!!1!11!!! when i was in paris i, like all stupid americans, was like "I WANNA LOOK PARISIAN" so with the help of clothilde i bought some french clothes. c'était trop bien. et maintenant je suis comme une vrai parisienne. (not) (i will never be french) (she says as she sheds a quiet tear)

the dress is des petits hauts, and its comfy and soft and silky and magic. (also apparently très FRANÇAISE.) the shoes, which you can't see very well in any of these pictures, are benismon

ending with the stupid tumblr-girl-hiding-her-face-with-flowers, sorry not sorry.

we shall see when i'll post this year, or if i'll be active. i like to think i will, but it's my senior year so i have to stress about everything/realize i won't have a future/etc, and that might mean i don't focus on blogging. but i blogged today, so there's a good sign.

and to continue my trend of narcissism i'm going to do my senior pictures in a few weeks, and thus i can share them with everyone. sorry my blog is mostly just pictures of my face haaaa.

if any of you are my french friends or family, or just french people in general, je t'adooooore t'es magnifique et parfait et tous. gros gros bisous mon amour. je t'aime pour tjs ♡


sonja said...

I absolutely adore the dress, and also the picture of flowers in front of your face, as tumblr as it is. I felt the same way about dressing, though it was in spain. Too bad we north americans just don't have as good clothes as the wonderful europeans, eh?

Amelia Mad said...

Love the dress and the tumblr esque photos. I was just thinking about your blog and the buffy post you did the other day. Its good to hear from you again. Good luck with school and stuff. :)

Isabella Cantillano said...

I love that outfit! I'm so glad that you're posting again.

Chloe said...

when were you in france? i was there july 11-24 and i have had many of the same TAKE ME BACK feelings. gorgeous photos too x


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful pics of a lovely lady. Love them.